Yué Targaryen nee' Rogare

What is known...

Character Name: Yué (Rogare) Targaryen.


Alias: Yué the OneYué the Rare. The Pride of Lys. The Sovereign.


Age: 20.

Class: Royal.


Royal Titles: Yue of the House Rogare and Targaryen, the First of her Name, Queen of the Andals, The Rhoynor and the First Men. Queen Regent of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm.

Family Titles: Heiress to the Rogare Bank of Essos, Princess of the Summer Isles (by maternal birth right).

Marital Titles: Princess of Dragonstone. (See Royal Titles).

Culture: Valyrian, Lysene, Summer Islander.

Father: Dovogys Rogare, Rhaegovys Rogare.

Mother: Yoemi Rogare.

Husband: King Vaegon Targaryen.

Children: Crown Prince Vhaegar                             Targaryen (1st Born Twin)

                 Crown Prince Vhaenar                             Targaryen (2nd Born Twin)

                 (Twin Heirs)


Siblings: Dominic Rogare (Heir)

                Lanfear Rogare

                Dante Rogare

                Elaena Rogare.


Likes: Reading ancient texts, horseback riding, dancing, playing the harp, and also playing with Dragons.


Dislikes: Action without thought, disorder and chaos, wine and alcohol, vulgarity.

Allegiance: House Targaryen (by marriage), House Rogare (by birth).









House Words: "Fire and Blood".

Character appearance:

Yué is considered a rare and exotic beauty to most. She takes strongly after her Valyrian ancestry with platinum silver hair and the lilac eyes of old Valyria. However, like her maternal ancestors of the Summer Isles,Yué carries the "coloring of Summer" with a golden sheen to her tanned skin. Yué is graceful and elegant in her simplest movements. Outside of Formal and Political setting's she speaks in a soft-spoken monotone voice honeyed with a musical Lyseni accent. Her style of dress is a strong contradiction to the women of Westeros, and even Dorne as she styles herself in the fashions of the Lyseni and Essosi. Long flowing Silk gowns layered and adorned with precious jewels, body jewels, armlets and other precious pieces are common for her. Though modest compared to women of Lys, her dresses tend to not cover arms, nor does she shy away from embracing her feminine features. She carries the subtle scent of Vanilla in the air about her and can have much of a commanding presence. Her extraordinary physical features makes her stand out. Her one of a kind look has earned her the nickname "Yué the One".

Character Personality: 

Yué was taught at an early age to always present herself as a reflection of the Rogares. As a result she is almost always formal in manners and Decorum. She has impeccable polite in all things and  detests vulgarity in any sense.  Even in anger and intense situations she will act nothing less than a lady. She possesses a dangerous calm to her which can sometimes make most people uneasy. Yué can defend herself if the need arises, but she never brags of it, nor does she style or claim herself to be a warrior. She is an expert strategist who practices thought before action in all things. In judgement Yué relies on Logic and fact rather than feelings and emotions.  She can be charming and friendly to those she holds dear but normally very much modest and reserved. She very very seldom, if ever reveals her true feelings, or intentions. Like most Rogares, Yué is ambitious and goal oriented- never granting a favor or completing an action without thought or reason.

Prized possessions: 

Royal  jewels and heirlooms, once belonging to her grandmother Queen Nerendei of the summer isles.

A diamond hairpin given to her by her mother before she departed Lys for Westeros.

The Rogare bank and fortune (inherited).

Dragon eggs and her wedding ring given to her by her husband Vaegon.

Possible IC Connection?

Do you have an IC (In Character) connection with this character?

If you have spent time across the Narrow Sea, there is a fair chance you have met the Princess, especially if you have visited Lys, or the Summer Isles.

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