Alewryn "Wryn" Velaryon

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Character Name: Alaewryn Velaryon.


Alias: Wryn.

Age: 20.

Class: Noble/Royal.


Titles: Lady Wryn Velaryon.


Culture: Valyrian/ Westerosi


Religion: "Old Gods of Valyria".

                 (Naga The Sea Dragon)


Father: Lord Aurane Velaryon.

Mother: Daynyra (Celtigar) Velaryon.

Status: Unmarried.

Children: None.


Siblings: Lord Aerys Velaryon,

                Lady Alysanne Velaryon,                     Lady Esmeralda Velaryon                    (deceased).

Other Family: Cassaenia Celtigar 

                       (Maternal cousin)

                       Vaegon Targaryen 

                        (paternal cousin)



Likes: books & stories


Dislikes: Her father's reprimand

Allegiance: House Velaryon

                     (by birth),

                   House Targaryen

                    (sworn Overlords,







House Words: "The Old, the True,                                      the Brave "


Character Appearance:

Unlike her siblings, Wryn's pale silvery hair has hints of gold when struck in the right light. The likes of which falls in easy-to-manage tresses; often pushed back or pinned up to accent her slender throat and sharp collar bone. At her mother's instruction, her handmaids will often decorate her hair with jewels and flowers when she is at court. Alaewryn is a petite lady, yet, even so her figure is delicate and feminine and eyes themselves are soft blue with violet flecks that whisper of her Valyrian heritage. Wryn mimics the courtly fashions of present day. She is often seen wearing long flowing , modest lace and silk gowns. All of which are made of Expensive embroidered fabrics in hues of blues with jewels to match. 

Character Personality:  

Wryn is outwardly pleasant and reserved. An open shoulder or ear to whomever may need it; she possesses natural honesty and integrity. When it comes to her family, she is prideful and protective; knowing when to share secrets and when not to.

Prized Possessions:  

A small, rather simple golden pendant. Few can narrow down it’s precise origin, though she began wearing it religiously after a long walk along Driftmark’s shores. She insists a man came out of the sea and gave it to her; though she has been called a liar for the very story.
A thin silver band. Given to her in Essos by a traveling bard; he insisted she take it so that he might find her in the future to sing of her grace. Her sister threw it into the surf upon returning to Westeros, though it recently reappeared upon her thumb.


Do you have an IC (In Character) connection with this character?

Possible connections, players who have been to King's Landing previously, players who are from the Crownlands, players in House Celtigar (Cousin branch to House Velaryon), players who are in House Velaryon.

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