Rickar Lannister

What is known...

Character Appearance:

Rickar is tall, lean as a whipcord and athletic, with traditional Lannister features that favor his father. His hair is blonde and his eyes are a sharp, clear green. He is extraordinarily handsome, with a square jaw, strong brow and a body muscled like a maiden's fantasy. He moves with the measured practice of an experienced warrior and there seems to be something languid and relaxed about him in even the most tense environments and situations. Various scars and old burns mar parts of his body and smooth callused hands tell the story of a life wielding weapons. Despite this, there isn't anything immediately grim or foreboding about Rickar Lannister. His mouth is inviting and seems accustomed to mirth, always a little smirk as though he were enjoying a private joke.

Character Personality:  

Rickar Lannister is a confident, charismatic, and fairly charming man with a good sense of humor and a level head.  He is rather patient, and he doesn't allow his temper to get the best of him.  He has a smooth approach to his methods, and can be quite cunning, as well as deceptive when need be. He's generally approachable to most people and doesn't carry himself with airs of superiority, though even when wearing rags it is obvious to anyone who sees him that he is a remarkable man. Rickar is just as comfortable (if not more so) in a bawdy tavern sharing drinks and dice with soldiers as he is in the hall of a lord's fete. 

Prized Possessions:  

His sword "Lion's Breath" made from Valyrian steel with intricate gold and gems upon the handle.

Character Name: Rickar Lannister.



Age: 24.

Class: Noble.


Titles: Lord Rickar Lannister.


Culture: Andal. Westermen, Westerosi.


Father: Lord Loren Lannister.

Mother: Marenna (Reyne) Lannister.

Status: Unmarried.

Children: None.



Lord Bram Lannister (desceased)

Lord Logan Lannister

Lady Celesse Lannister (deceased)

Lady Adryanna Lannister

Lady Cerelle Lannister



Allegiance: House Lannister (by birth), House Targaryen (by Law of Conquest).

House Words: "Hear me Roar".










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