Rau "The Blacksmith"

What is known...

Character Name: Rau


Alias: Ra

Age: 33

Class: Commoner.

Occupation: Blacksmith





Children: None.


Mother:  Hilda


Father: Raun

Siblings: NA

Likes: to flirt 


Allegiance: Small Folk

House Words: NA

Sigil of Allied House



Character Appearance:

Rau is of muscular build, tall and strong. His body is well toned with broad chest and shoulders that are enhanced masculine form due to his trade as a blacksmith. His hands are large, sure but calloused. His once pale skin is now darkened by days spent in the sun. The Hard labor of his trade often lends to him being covered in dirt, ash and soot. and strong looking man. So much so that sometimes, all one can see from his blackened skin are those bright cheerful blue eyes, peering at an apprentice , customer, child or friend with that friendly warmth and kindness that comes natural to him.  Rau sports  a low trim beard to his handsome face, at the end of his beard is a goatee which he often will braid or play with when in thought or deep concentration. his style of clothing is simple, stained due to his trade and tattered on most days as is the custom for most commoners. Still despite his large and trapping appearance, he is a  kind and gentle soul as others will easily come to find when they come around him

Character Personality: 

Despite his large looming and seemingly rough exterior, Rau is a pleasant man. He is kind and respectful, always willing to offer a helping hand to anyone. When business is good, he can be found by the  bakers shop purchasing bread to give to the starving children that  walk the streets near his shop. Rau is not a believer in the faith of the seven, or any other religion for that matter. He knows the world is a cruel place and he does not go out of his way to add extra evil to it, nor does he go out of his way to pray of beg the gods for mercy on those who suffer. The gods shunned his family when his parents were killed innocently.  Though Pleasant, Rau has times when he does loose his temper, however, because he deals with nobles and men of higher birth during his work, he knows speaking out can cost him his head. When angered he would take out his frustrations by breaking some inanimate object. Rau is a virgin, he has an attraction to women but has not allowed himself to become too close to anyone. He saves himself for the right one should he ever meet her.

Prized Possessions: 

 A necklace copper necklace  his mother always wore, it was one that his  late father minted for her. Rau removed it from her dead body before burying her. He wears the necklace around his neck and has never removed it. Rau  has a dagger and a sword which are the first weapons he has made by himself after going though and apprenticeship by his father. Where ever he goes he takes these two with him and sets them next to him when he sleeps so that if some one would even touch it he would now 

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Possible connections, players who have frequent flea bottom.

Original Character

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