Olyver "Oly" Tyrell

What is known...

Character Name: Olyver (Oly) Tyrell.



Age: 21.

Class: Noble.






Father: Lord Ivan Tyrell.

Mother: Lady Jeyne Tyrell nee Serry.

Status: Betrothed.

Children: .

Siblings: N/A


Other Family: Alyssa Tyrell 


                        Lady Paramount of the Reach                         & Wardness of the South.


                        Anastasia Tyrell (cousin)

                        Roslyn Tyrell (cousin)

                        Cylaes Tyrell (cousin)




Likes: Pretty things, himself, fancy items, delicaies

Dislikes: Being picked on


Allegiance: House Tyrell

                    (by birth),

                    House Targaryen

                    (by Law of Conquest).

House Words: "Growing Strong".


Character Appearance:

Olyver is Dark of hair, his tresses are a very dark brown with streaks of auburn when kissed by the sunlight. His eyes are a lustrous copper brown, though one eyes is slightly lighter than the other. His skin is sun-kissed and can turn a shade of rose when blushing or enraged. He is blessed with a fairness and beauty  that would rival most maidens; he has no blemishes, except for a charmed sprinkle of freckles which he acquired when he stepped upon lands of more sunlight. Olyver styles himself in  finery  befitting a noble lord, sometimes in excess. While most young Lords his age would brandish a Valyrian steel sword, and garments stained with blood of their enemies. Olyver is more delicate, opting for more elegant and refined attire. Long Robes with ornate jewelry, though nothing too garish and ostentatious.

He'd wear his pants and doublet ever so neatly tucked with nothing out of place. His fingernails, hair and face are always clean. His clothing is always  fashionable consistent of the finest silk and colors  and embellished with inlay patterns of the Tyrell sigil. His wavy brown hair is always "perfectly" sitting about his shoulders, shining with elegant perfection, this is due to Olyver spending hours grooming it, much like a maiden would. his scent is lingering of scent of some expensive oils and perfumes he probably spent a lot to get his hands on. Even his furniture is of finer choices. he is perhaps a little too vain, but said vanity does not hurt, hinder nor harm the bright smile and the immense kindness he shows most of the time.


Character Personality:  

Olyver has a sweet and pleasant nature to him that comes more naturally. He is helpful and compassionate and would not hesitate to extend a hand when needed. He is often cheerful and beaming of smile. His words are often dipped in sarcasm and he is known to have a  dry sense of humor. Oly is vain and narcissistic. He is obsessed with his looks and goes to great lengths in ensuring the upkeep of his outward appearance. He is especially attentive to his hair and face. Many describe him as an eccentric being, though he is not at all shy. His sharp tongue can be a blessing and a curse , rendering him tactless at times. Oly is young, and somewhat naive in many things, but not so much so that he cannot learn when a life lesson presents itself. 

Prized Possessions: 

Olyver prized possessions are whatever is it that he loves most at the moment. For now, his affections warm to a ring, and a lover's embrace his heart is guarded for he has learned from the tragedy's read, "don't let anyone know what you truly love least it'll be taken from you and used against you". for this reason, he isn't seen with his lover. Those are his, alone. He isn't prepared to loose them, so he doesn't broadcast them.

Possible IC Connection?

Do you have an IC (In Character) connection with this character?

Possible connections, players who have been to King's Landing previously, players who are from the Reach.

Original Character

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