Nilan Tawney

What is known...

Character Name: Nilan Tawney.



Age: 29.

Class: Noble.





Culture: Ironborn.



Father: Niall Tawney - Now Deceased, Lord of Orkmont under Greyjoy via Aegon decree

Mother: Catriona Farwynd - Now Deceased, Lady of Farwynd of the Lonely Light 

Status: Unmarried.




Siblings: NA



Allegiance: Lord Greyjoy, and then Targaryen, in appearance but truly only serves himself and his desires.

House Words: 





Character Appearance:

Nilan is a tall 6'2  and yet somehow draws no notice and he likes to keep it that way. He let's his facial hair grow somewhat scruffy. His hair is longer than it used to be and he shaves it on occasion in strange ways. Perhaps a style from distant Essos nobody knows. His true hair color is brown though he often dyes it colors of red or cures it to be a lighter color. He weighs around 14 stone and he has shoulder to shoulder pointillism tattoos which extend to his upper chest and back. 

His ears are pierced and have gold and precious metal stones set in them from his raids. His thick arms end in his two strong hands, weathered from sailing and fighting and yet not worn enough to prevent the touch of a woman. He wears boots most of the time and his legs are well muscles from the climbing and weight of the leather and steel. He knows that he is a good looking man but does not flaunt it, he has no desire for anyone that is interested only in looks.

Character Personality:  

Nilan by default is a curious man. He is no fool and understands the link between the lower class and the upper and the flow of money and power. He is not afraid to ask bold questions and even state the obvious. He doesn't have any sort of daily routine but does as he likes or sees fit. Often making plans for some day in the future but not deciding when unless it seems to be of import.Nilan is calm and collected even in the face of threats or disrespect, though he is also a good judge of character. If deemed not worthy of his time or attention he is like to be short with you or ignore you. If outright challenged he would carefully way the consequences before acting like a rash individual. 

He is perceptive and has a ridiculously good memory if he decides to commit something, it is in his head for ever. When Nilan wants something he will patiently attempt to get it, and if this proves unyielding then he will try a more direct manner or take a risk and take it. Nilan knows the way the world works and understands that names mean a great deal to people but he looks deeper. If someone has a great name and is of poor personality to him he gives them no more thought than a passing beggar. As for himself he doesn't really think of himself much. Arika dotes on him and so he supposes he is man enough to attract such a beauty and so he gives it no more inspection.

Prized Possessions:  

There is a map aboard "The Salty Bastard", his ship and prized possession itself a trophy of conquest. The map is sealed in a wooden frame inside a thick oak chest banded in iron and locked several times over. A gift from his late mothers desk it charts a passage to the lonely light, the birthplace of his mother and the end of the known world on the edge of the sea.

Possible IC Connection?

Do you have an IC (In Character) connection with this character?

Possible connections, players who have been to King's Landing previously, players from the Iron Islands.

Original Character

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