Varius "Morghūl"

What is known...

Character Name: Varius


Alias: "Morghūl" 


Age: 32.

Class: Personal Guard / Faceless


 Under instruction of the Golden Company, Dovogys Rogare


Culture: Summer Islander, Lysene.

Status: Unmarried.

Children: None.

Religion: The R'hollor, Lord of Light.

Parents: Filliace and Ardeen

               (servants of House Rogare).

Siblings: Mira, Indrya

Likes: Violence, Missions, women.


Allegiance: Dovogys Rogare

                    (Sworn Life Oath & pledge)


                     House Rogare

                     (by birth in servitude)


                     Yue Rogare

Allied House Words: "Blood of the                                            Dragon".

Allied House Sigil:


Character Appearance:

A mountain some would say of him, Varius stands 6'7" tall with piercing brown eyes that seem to cut right through a person when caught in his gaze. His skin a dark shade of cocoa, homage to his summer islander roots and partly due to his life spent under the essosi sun. His body that of a man well accustomed to labor, strong, well muscled, over all the appearance of one  not to be taken lightly. Most often to be found dressed in dark clothing, some would assume perhaps like his mood, least those who have encountered him on bad days. Varius sports a low trimmed beard, partly to cover a scar to chin when in one encounter he had come too close to the receiving end of a dagger. His hair is composed of short dreads, and black as night.  Despite his fierce mannerisms and perhaps intimating appearance, he catches the eye of many maidens. 

Character Personality: 

Distant, quiet, observant. Not easy to show anger but indeed has a temper. Years have taught him well to that which can happen in the spur of a moment. Tools he well uses to his advantage. Can laugh when he sees a point to such effort,  Yet most often to wear a mask that allows no one close.

Prized Possessions: 

Carries upon him a dagger gifted to him by one of his first Masters in training. Within his pack could be found a simple strand of jewels, Something his mother had managed to slip to him upon leaving at the age of 16. 

Possible IC Connection?

Do you have an IC (In Character) connection with this character?

If you have spent time across the Narrow Sea, especially if you have visited Lys, or the Summer Isles.

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