Mayra Greyjoy

What is known...

Character Name: Mayra Greyjoy.



Age: 25.

Class: Noble.


Titles: Lady Mayra Greyjoy.



Culture: Ironborn.



Father: Lord Vickon Greyjoy.

Mother: Lady Paula (Blacktyde) Greyjoy 

Status: Unmarried.

Children: Unborn Bastard

               (sired by Bram Lannister)



Siblings: NA

Likes: Sailing, drinking, training with her             sword, lemon cakes.

Dislikes: Knitting, dancing and dogs.

Allegiance: House Greyjoy

                    (by birth),

                    House Targaryen

                    (by Law of Conquest).

House Words: "We Do Not Sow".





Character Appearance:

Mayra was the spitting image of her Blacktyde mother with long, dark brown hair hanging to her lower back and decorated with the scent of sea and salt. Everybody who'd see or pass the young kraken would see the large clawed scars across her left eye which had been with her since her childhood. One would, after smelling the sea scent that permeated so well from that hair of hers, turn their head to see where it came from. She met the description of how mothers told their children the Ironborn looked, but there was a certain beauty to it all - a "warrior's beauty," some would say. Mayra's skin is pale, white washed perhaps, the likes of which was one who lived and died by the sea. Her womanly form is hidden beneath leathers as she tends to choose fur over gold and woolen cloth over silken fabrics did not help to hide the vision of Ironborn heritage, either. She stood proudly in all of her seaworthy accouterments.furs, usually of dark colors. Mayra does not fancy jewelry, she wears only a simple leather string necklace with a god Kraken Pendant. behind the pendant is a tiny golden one, minted in the shape of a lion's head. It was one she stole from her lover, Bram Lannister. Mayra is pregnant and recovering from wounds she gained in a scuff with her lover Bram Lannister. During the fight, she was beaten beyond recognition and still she shows evidence of the incident with the scars and bruises upon her face. Nonetheless she looks forward to delivering Bram's bastard child in a few short months. 


Character Personality:  

Mayra could be described as a stoic, stern woman with a Kraken's temper. The scar across her face lends to her intimidating look. She is rather xenophobic when it comes other races of people who are not Ironborn. She can be deceptive and Manipulative when she disagrees with something or someone, often going to the extreme to turn things in her favor, even if this means loosing family or friends. The spark of motherhood has softened her some, and she revolves her purpose around caring for her soon to be born bastard.

Prized Possessions:  

Mayras most prized possession is the child she carries. However there are a few materialistic things she holds dear. Among them are: a House Greyjoy necklace. She remembers how her father gifted her the necklace with the Greyjoy crest upon it. A dagger with a kraken engraved on it.She keeps the dagger strapped to her thigh which has silver gems on it. It was The same dagger her father had used to kill an assassin sent to kill Mayra's mother and Vickon's first wife, Paula Blacktyde,Her ship, The Damned Delight. When Mayra stands upon the deck of her ship, The Damned Delight. To her, it was more than just a ship. It was an escape from the soil so grim. A way to discover more land and get more riches for her kin. The Ironborn had always been sailors and pirates by birth. Some say it is not blood that streams through their veins but seawater.  The day her father gifted her the ship, he would say: "To remember what blood streams through your veins, my little kraken."

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Possible connections, players who have been to King's Landing previously, those whom may have visited Dragonstone, players in House Lannister, players from the Iron Islands.

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