What is known...

Character Name: Lottie




Age: 19

Class: Commoner.

Occupation: Prostitute / Whore


Culture: Westerosi

Status: NA

Children: None.

Religion: N/A

Mother:  Unknown


Father: Unknown

Siblings: NA



Allegiance: N/A

House Words: NA

Character Appearance:

Lottie isn't the prettiest of girls, but is blessed with a figure and intelligence that does her well for her trade. Her womanly curves can be seen from beneath her dress. Her pudgy little nose centers her face and she tries to hide it quite often with her long Auburn hair. Lottie tries to keep herself as clean as possible although her face, body and hair can become smeared with dust, due to the fact she had to sleep on the floor somewhere.

Lottie, though not the most striking of women, is however to said to have the most beautiful brown eyes. It is said that a man can lose himself in them, which she can sometimes use to her advantage, especially when she add’s a few tears. She dresses in whatever she can afford, at the moment, this is a simple brown dress. Lottie looks fairly youthful despite her rough start in life. She doesn't know her actual age, but she thinks she is around 19 years of age.

Character Personality: 

Lottie is quite shy and reserved, although her confidence has grown a little, she is quiet and doesn't like to create a lot of fuss. She doesn't like to draw attention to herself, she just likes to go about her life and enjoys spending time in her own company.

She is fairly street wise and knows how to survive but at the same time she is a hopeless romantic. She is quite stubborn in her mannerisms but at the same time, she also has quite the submissive side depending on the situation and who she is dealing with.

Prized Possessions: 

Lottie has no possessions save for the clothes on her back and whatever meal or coin she can hold onto for a time.

Possible IC Connection?

Do you have an IC (In Character) connection with this character?

Possible connections, players who have frequent flea bottom, players whom have visited brothels.

Original Character

Created by REIGN Player


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