Isabella Tully

What is known...

Character Name:  Isabella Tully



Alias: "Isabella the buxom"

Age: 20

Class: Noble.


Titles: Lady Isabella of  House Tully,

           Daughter of Hand of the King

          **(former Edmyn Tully).

Culture: The First Men,





Father: Lord Edmyn Tully


Mother: Lady Rosalin (Redwyne) Tully.



Status: Unmarried.



Siblings: Joshua Tully,

                Flame (Tully) Qoherys 

                Lynne Tully,

                Sofina Tully


                Anwyn Tully 

Likes: Singing, dancing, dresses.

Dislikes: Blemishes, dirt.

Allegiance: House Tully

                    (by birth),

                    House Targaryen

                   (sworn allegiance).

House Words: "Family, Duty, Honor".



Character Appearance:

Isabella is fair an beautiful with long silky red hair falling about her neck and shoulders. Her eyes are a bright and striking blue color  that seem to glimmer in the light. Her pale, cream colored skin is void of blemishes and her cheeks are a healthy rosy color. Unlike her sister's who are thin and slender, Isabella has a naturally curvaceous figure. Her breast and hips gained a fullness to them long before she flowered. Much to the envy of other girls, Isabella turned heads and eyes and many whisper of her as being a  buxom beauty. Despite her curves, she dresses quite modestly. in layers upon layers of silk skirts and elaborately embroidered gowns decorated with lace and beads.  Isabella is always well dressed even for the most informal of occasions, when not worn in perfect cascading waves about her back, her beautiful red hair is usually bounded or braided in elaborate styles to show of her facial features

Character Personality:  

Isabella prides herself as a Tully through and through. She loves her family and her her house, and strives to live up to her house words "family, duty honor,". Isabella is a friendly and kind young woman. However, following the death of her sister Sofina, she is not as trusting as she once was. Isabella is still young but she is not naive to the  realities of a world that has been so cruel and unkind to her family. She is not one to be rude or keep up false pretenses but she knows when to keep her silence on certain things and hold her tongue. Perhaps one of her negative traits, but Isabella is quite vain. She is extremely obsessive when it comes to her looks, She is very fussy about ensuring she looks absolutely perfect at all times. Isabella will spend an exorbitant amount of money  to ensure that she is always in style and dressed in the latest fashion, colors and fabric trends.


Prized Possessions:     

Isabella was taught from a young age to always take pride in her looks and her beauty. Because of this her physical appearacne, her face, beauty and her body are her most prided attributes. She is obsessed with her hair and brushes it often to keep it in the most perfect condition. Apart from her looks and her family, she cherishes a cloak that was given to her by the Prince Vaegon during her time at King's Landing  court. She also has a few rare books that she has collected that are near and dear to her.


Possible IC Connection?

Do you have an IC (In Character) connection with this character?

Possible connections, players who have been to King's Landing previously, players who are from the Riverlands.

Original Character

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