Eric Karstark

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Character Name: Eric Karstark



Alias: "N/A"

Age:  28

Class: Noble

Titles:  Heir to Karhold


Occupation: Emissary of Lord Stark

                       of Winterfell

                    Representative of The North


                    Friend of the Nights Watch

Culture: Northmen


               The First Men


Religion: The Old Gods of the Forrest


Father: Lord Gregeth Karstark


Mother: Lady Ana Karstark nee' Stark

Status:  Unmarried


Siblings: NA

Likes:  A good book

Dislikes: Women with Blue eyes

Allegiance: House Karstark

                     (by Birth)

                     House  Stark

                     (Sworn Overlords)

                     House Targaryen 

                     (By Law of Conquest)


House words: "The Sun of Winter" 



Character appearance

Eric is a tall, strong man with long black hair and cropped a beard of similar coloring. His eyes are of a pure sky blue, hard and stern like a warrior, by soft and gentle when rested upon those he endears - a  soft to contrast his strong but slim looking figure. His skin is fair and pale and he retains classic features of the blood of the First men, the ancestral blood that runs through his veins as a son of the North. He usually dresses himself in northern style clothing, accented with furs and thick leathers. His body lean muscular body is conditioned to the colder temperatures of the North, and despite the warm soothing temperatures of King's Landing, Eric finds southern style clothing uncomfortable, though he tries his best to adapt. 

Character Personality 

Eric, a strong but kind hearted man. He values honor and friendship and is  especially respectful of the brave men who fought  and died along side him beyond the wall. After numerous battles, skirmishes and damning near death experiences, he's come to love and fancy the bond that is created in war. He thinks himself full of wisdom and is ready to give out a "Classic Eric" advice or a moving motivational speech when it is called for. While he seems benevolent, honorable and good natured, Eric's mischievous side comes about from time to time and he loves to  stir up trouble and cause drama between people.

Prized possessions: 

Eric has a necklace with a metal sun on, the Sigil of house Karstark of Karhold. It was given to him by his  father in his teenage years. Among Eriic's prized possession is a piece of Dragon Glass which he found north of the wall in a sacred monument made by the first men and the children of the forest.

Do you have an IC (In Character) connection with this character?

Possible connections, players who have been to King's Landing previously, players from the North, members of House Stark.

Original Character

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