Septa Eleanor

What is known...

Character Name: Eleanor.


Alias: "Angel of Fleas".

Age: 65

Class: Commoner

            Member of the Faith Seven 


Titles: Septa,

            Servant of the Faith


Culture: Andal,



Father: Lord Edgar Costayne

Mother: Lady Amanda (Redwyne)                             Costayne

Status: Unmarried.

Children: None.

Siblings: NA

Likes: Prayer and Worship,

            visiting the sept

Dislikes: Vulgarity,

                incest, ungodliness

               (anything that goes against

               the Faith of Seven)

Allegiance: The Faith of the Seven






Character Appearance:

A Younger Eleanor inherited her mother’s large soulful green eyes and her father’s thick ginger hair.  She was once considered a  beauty in her youth, but her bitterness, pride and time had done it's part in fading her glory. Her Auburn red hair has turned to wiry shade of white, and her her milky smooth skin is now covered with dark spots, moles, warts and wrinkles. Her once elegant stance, is now brittle and bent much like a snow-laden branch. But her pale green eyes are unchanged and have the clarity and sparkle often seen in the most devout. Save for a silver chain about her neck with the seven pointed star hanging from it's pendant. Elanor's style of dress is rather  rather simple. Her uniform apparel consist of thick, drab cotton dresses, modest and plain in design. She carries a wooden cane to support her crooked form. Her thin greying hair is only of a few strands atop her flaky wrinkles scalp, though one would never know this as Eleanor's head is always covered with her wimple. She wears thinly strap sandals and her feet are calloused form walking miles upon miles a day, preaching and doing charitable works for the poor.  

Character Personality:  

Although pious and deeply religious, Eleanor is hardly demure or reserved.  She has retained the fierce wit and acerbic tongue of her youth.  Eleanor can be stubborn, defiant, and insolent – especially towards those with whom she has lost patience.  However, she is extremely kind, merciful, and generous to those in need.  When she is administering to the poor and downtrodden, her personality changes completely.  She becomes kind and angelic, earning her the nickname “The Angel of Fleas.”  

Prized Possessions: 

After the death of the her mentor, the High Septon of the Starry Sept, she was given his walking cane – a simple twisted stick made from the branch of a Weirwood tree.  Eleanor can often be seen using this cane when she walks about King’s Landing, as her back has stiffened with age and she has become uneasy on her feet.

Possible IC Connection?

Do you have an IC (In Character) connection with this character?

Possible connections, players who have frequent flea bottom, players who worship "The Faith of the Seven".

Original Character

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