What is known...

Character Name: Desare.


Alias: Desare of Lys

Age: 21.

Class: Commoner.

Occupation: Courtesan 



Culture: Lysene.


Children: None.


Mother:  Marra - Served House Maegyr (the traitor House)

(Very well known Courtesan of the Essos / Free Cities)


Father: Unknown, but rumored to be Lord Maegyr

Siblings: NA

Likes: Money, Power, Fancy things

Dislikes: Foul Smells, and Liars



House Words: NA

Sigil of Allied House



Character Appearance:

Desare is a beautiful woman possessing of dark skin and dark  brown eyes. She is curvaceous, and shapely , her naked form is known to make men empty pockets and become enraged with lust. Desare has full round breast wide hips and pale weight distributed about her thigh's and buttocks. Her cheekbones are high and her lips are full. Her dark brown eyes are sometimes soulless, other times, seductive, other times, enticing but always hinting at the beauty and mystery of the woman behind them. Desare has full lips and pearly white teeth. Her skin is a smooth rich brown, homage to her Myrish roots. Her black hair is thick and akin to the texture of soft wool. She wears it down  her back in elaborate  braids that seem to take hours, even days to create. Other times she will wear her hair in a fro, the texture of which allows her tightly coiled curls to brush across her face and draw the attention of her next client. Having been brought up under the Essosi sun, in the hot climate now to Myr, Her typical style of dress is quite scanty compared to the refined nobles of Westeros. Despite the looks from others, Desare dresses to show off her curves and well formed breasts. Even so her clothing is rather simple and reflective of the Essosi fashions. She wears copper as she cannot afford the Gold and silks worn by the nobles 


Character Personality: 

Desare can be kind and gracious, a trait she learned through watching the way lesser whores were treated.  She could easily see the differences in the world, and among the people.  These differences would cause for her to have the kindness in her heart to those deserving of it.  Though a kind woman she could be, if the tables were to turn, Desare would be well known to have a hot temper, and not afraid to defend herself.  Desare is also seductive, learning from others and seeking to familiarize herself with their desires.  She gains knowledge through observation of events and the people within those events.  She is keen, and has the ability to read a situation, yet another trait learned through the teachings of her mother. 

Prized Possessions: 

Like many whores', Desare values her health and her looks.  She believes it was earned by her own right, and everything she has is because of her it, along with her skills.  Desare holds her mother's teaching quite dear to her heart, though it is not material.  She also is very fond of her lover's belt. She wears it sometimes and keeps it on her person, sometimes strapped to her thigh, to remind her of him

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Possible connections, players who have frequent flea bottom, players whom have visited brothels.

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