Daynyra Velaryon

What is known...

Character Name: Daynyra Velaryon


Alias:  "Lady of the tides"

Age: 42

Class: Noble/Royal.


Titles: Lady Daynyra Velaryon


Culture: Valyrian.


Religion: "Old Gods of Valyria".


Father: Aedon Celtigar (deceased)

Mother:  Daemayra Celtigar (deceased)

Status: Married

Children: Aerys Velaryon, Alysanne Velaryon, Esmeralda Velaryon-Deceased


Siblings: Lord Crispian Celtigar, Master of Coin 


Likes: Singing, sailing.                         

Dislikes: Smallfolk.


House Celtigar (By Birth)

House Velaryon (By Marriage) 

House Targaryen (Sworn overlords, pre-conquest)

House Words: "The Old, the True,        the Brave "









Character Appearance:

Like most Celtigars who trace their lineage to the Old Valaryia, Lady Daynyra Velaryon is the embodiment of a classic Valyrian beauty.  Although passed her 40th name day,  Daynyra uses the most expensive creams from Essos to maintain her youthful appearance. She has pale ivory skin, lilac eyes, and silver hair with platinum blonde undertones when the sunlight touches it. She often wears her lustrous silver-gold hair, flowing hair loosely about her back and shoulders, in a youthful and almost provocative manner. The birth of her many children has not ruined her figure. Daynyra is in prime physique, with a slender frame and delicate curves.  She adorns herself in flattering dresses; Long flowing gowns in colors of teal, lavender, silver, and black. Her jewelry is ancient Valaryian and of the finest silver and gold. Her overall appearance is often angelic; a sharp contrast to her personality.  

Character Personality:  

Daynyra is a proud, strong, and sometimes vain woman. Daynyra has an elitist attitude about her and she believes she deserves the best, spending an exhorbant amount of money to maintain her looks, fashion, and appearance. She is aristocratic by nature, and this is sometimes interpreted as arrogance. She is aware of herself, her intelligence, her looks, and her talents. Though she is a middle aged woman, she looks younger than most and is successful in catching the  eyes of many a Lord, young and old, putting her looks to good use to steer the tides in her favor. She is renowned by those who know her, for a quick wit, acerbic retorts, and a loud, boisterous laugh.  She can also be kind, generous, and empathetic when moved.  As a mother, she is stern and strict when needed; yet mostly loving and nurturing to her children. Lady Daynyra Velaryon is a loyal and devoted friend to those she has come to know and trust, but earning her trust is not at all easy.  

Prized Possessions:  

Apart from her children, Daynyra's intelligence and beauty is her most prized and valuable asset. She has an extensive collection of jewelry, her favorite pieces being exquisite, one of a kind ornaments  from Old Valaryia; earrings, necklaces, rings and hairpins, given to her by her parents  loving parents on her wedding day after being passed down for generations. These items are cherished by Daynyra as her most belovedworldly possessions. 


Possible IC Connection?

Do you have an IC (In Character) connection with this character?

Possible connections, players who have been to King's Landing previously, players who are from the Crownlands, players in House Celtigar (Cousin branch to House Velaryon), players who are in House Velaryon.

Original Character

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