Arika Greyjoy

What is known...

Character Name: Arika Greyjoy.



Age: 23.

Class: Noble.


Titles: Lady Arika Greyjoy.



Culture: Ironborn.

Religion: The Drowned God


Occupation: Ship Captain, Raider, Warrior... Lady, technically


Father: Lord Vickon Greyjoy.

Mother: Lady Paula (Blacktyde) Greyjoy 

Status: Unmarried.

Children: none



Siblings: Mayra Greyjoy, Ethon Greyjoy

Likes: Sailing, drinking, Gambling.


Allegiance: House Greyjoy

                    (by birth),

                    House Targaryen

                    (by Law of Conquest).

House Words: "We Do Not Sow".






Character Appearance:

Arika Greyjoy possesses a fierce beauty, with long brown hair that's often tangled by the sea breeze and wide hazel eyes that remind her father of the shallow tidal pools that form on the rock outcroppings of Pyke. At 23, she appears older than her years, perhaps weathered by her days at sea. And due to her rough lifestyle, her beauty is often overshadowed by her general state of disarray. She stands tall for a woman, at 5'9'', and she has a slim figure, though her arms are muscular from wielding her family's chosen weapon, the ax. Though she spends a great deal of time outdoors, her skin is pale, a common Ironborn trait.

As befits a sailor and warrior, Arika wears primarily leather pants and some sort of vest, tunic or rough leather armor -- sometimes a cloak. All her clothing is dark (black or brown), well-made, and simple. However, unlike her older sister, Mayra, Arika has a certain fondness for jewelry, usually of the barbaric or exotic variety. While on a black market trade mission to the southern isles, she received nose, eyebrow and ear piercings. She also tends to wear necklaces, some of particularly high value. This display of riches (usually won in raids) annoys her father to no end.

Character Personality:  

An intelligent young woman, Arika has a good sense of humor and doesn't take life too seriously. Her time at sea with sailors and warriors -- mostly men -- has taught her to roll with the punches, seize the joys in life and take risks. However she can become serious and focused when her temper is provoked or she's feeling especially passionate. She's proud of her family name and her Ironborn heritage. Like many from the islands, she believes her people to be superior to those of the mainland, having descended from the Drowned God himself. Given those beliefs, she may seem pompous. She also may act reckless. After all, "what's dead may never die."

Arika is usually somewhat reserved around strangers at first, especially while on the mainland where Ironborn are often distrusted if not outright loathed. However, she can turn on the charm quickly if she feels she can gain something from it, or if she's simply bored. She learned this skill from being a younger sibling and needing to often talk her way out of trouble. She's also used to fighting her way out of trouble and finds the use of physical force to solve problems perfectly acceptable.

Overall, Arika is entertaining to be around, but she tends to put people on edge with her lack of manners, bold actions and intense passions. She can, however, rein this behavior in -- for the most part -- if she has a reason to give a shit what people think.


Prized Possessions:  

Ironborn, by nature, don't put much stock in treasure, which is somewhat surprising to some, due to their pirate-like lifestyle. What gold Arika acquires is usually used to purchase food and supplies for the Iron Islands, which aren't particularly productive in and of themselves. However, Arika does indulge from time to time, keeping particularly beautiful objects from raids and her business deals with smugglers. One item, in particular, is a delicate golden sword that she plans to wear at formal events, if she's ever invited to any at King's Landing. To her, the beautiful weapon is better than any necklace or tiara. Arika also lugs around what looks like an intricately carved oval-shaped rock, which she claims to be a sea dragon egg. She shows this item to few, worried it will be taken from her. However, some in her crew snicker behind her back, believing it to be just a rock.

Above even these treasures, Arika prizes the plain bronze necklace she wears that is stamped with her family's symbol, the kraken. And if she were to pick any item to retain in her possession, it would be her war ax, made by the master blacksmith residing on Pyke. The design is simple, but effective and decidedly Ironborn.

Arika also keeps a particularly well-fed raven close at hand. The creature serves as a messenger, but also a clever pet.

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Possible connections, players who have been to King's Landing previously, players from the Iron Islands.

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