Anwyn Tully

What is known...

Character Name: Anwyn Tully



Alias: "The Pouting Trout"

           "Rotten Fish"

            (behind her back)

Age: 18

Class: Noble.


Titles: Lady Anwyn of House Tully,

           Daughter of Hand of the King               (former Edmyn Tully).

Culture:  Rivermen,



Father: Lord Edmyn Tully


Mother: Lady Rosalin (Redwyne) Tully.



Status: Unmarried.



Siblings: Flame (Tully) Qoherys

                Lyne Tully

                Isabella Tully,

                Sofina Tully (deceased).

Likes: Singing, dancing, dresses.

Dislikes: Blemishes, dirt.

Allegiance: House Tully

                    (by birth),

                    House Targaryen

                     (sworn allegiance


House Words: "Family, Duty, Honor".



Character Appearance:

 Anwyn shows the common traits of those born to House Tully. Her hair is a of vibrant red color with eye catching orange hues that shine through when kissed by the sun. She often wears her hair braided or twisted in elaborate and intricate updos that would take her maids hours to complete, only for her to have them do it all over until she is satisfied with the outcome. When worn loose, her lustrous soft curls fall in wavy patterns down her neck and shoulders. A contrast, to her pale complexion and cureallean blue eyes. She is considered a standard beauty in her own simplicity and with no uniqueness when compared to her other siblings. Perhaps this is why little Anwyn overcompensates with her style of dress, for she is ever extravagant even at the simplest occasions. Long modest dresses with detailed embroidery, usually in the colors of Blues and reds, homage to her house colors. She flaunts her jewels and is known to adorn herself with make up, specifically talcum powder and lip stains made out of berries. She has a youthful look to her shapely figure and is hardly ever seen without her habitual pout. 

Character Personality:  

Even though she understood that her arrogance needs to be kept in check, Anwyn still can't help but take a superior air around people, but not one person can claim that she lacks diplomacy and manners, her court etiquette flawless for someone so young. While she considers herself  "simple" in looks compared to the beauty of her older sisters,  Anwyn is as vain as the come, she is known to wear expensive dresses of silk and lace and exquisite embroidery. She likes jewels of all kind and will spend hours upon hours "overdressing" even for the most mundane of appearances. Her presence is usually noticeable, if not for her over the top outfits, then for her  her lingering gaze of blue hues which settle coldly on each and everyone around her. Once engaged in a conversation her voice is not merry, nor cheerful, but warm and steady, a strange thing for someone her age.

Prized Possessions:     

A small necklace with the Tully family crest on it. It was given by her father when she was no older than 7. All the siblings share similar pieces of jewelry that reflect the Tully crest. Her Jewels and Dresses.


Possible IC Connection?

Do you have an IC (In Character) connection with this character?

Possible connections, players who have been to King's Landing previously, players who are from the Riverlands.

Original Character

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