Alyssa Tyrell

What is known...

Character Name: Alyssa Tyrell.


Alias: N/A.

Age: 23.

Class: Noble.


Titles: Lady Alyssa Tyrell

           Lady Paramount of the Reach                    Wardeness of the South.

Occupation: Lady Paramount

                      of the Reach & Mander                              Wardeness of the South.

                      Ward of House Targaryen



Culture:  Andal,





Father: Lord Marlan Tyrell


Mother: Lady Magnilla (Beesbury) Tyrell                 (deceased).

Status: Unmarried.

Children: None.


Siblings:  Lord Cylaes Tyrell,

                 (brother and Heir)

                 Lady Anastasia Tyrell.

                 (sister, Advisor)

                 Roslyn Tyrell

                (Younger sister)

                 NPC Younger Brother 

                 (currently being fostered 

                  at Dragonstone)

Other Family: Ivan Tyrell

                      (Paternal Uncle)


                      Jeyne Tyrell

                      (aunt by Law,

                       through Ivan Tyrell)

Likes: Spending time with her family

Dislikes: Pretentious People.

Allegiance: House Tyrell

                     (by birth),

                    House Targaryen

                     (by Law of Conquest).

House Words: "Growing Strong".

Character Appearance:

Alyssa's appearance is one that hints at the brave young woman within. She is of medium build, with a slender but shapely figure. Her sun-kissed is golden hued and of a light olive complexion, as is common to most Reach - Landers. When worn loose, waves of lustrous brown hair fall gracefully to frame a lovely face, accentuated by delicate features. Her eyes are of the same brown coloring, but those who have had looked into them can attest to the deep soulful hues of Alyssa Tyrell that seem to hide both the pains and the pleasures of the world behind them. She styles herself in long flowing gowns, that offer comfort for the warm climate of her homeland. And while her Sothron style of dress may rdraw the attentions of noble ladies and lords alike, She still carries herself with the modesty of a devout follower of the faith of the seven.A beauty to behold, Alyssa Tyrell is effortlessly radiant with an aoura of gentile and graceful kindness

She has a demure presence but she can be quite formidable. a Staunch reminder that "A rose has thorns".


Character Personality:  

Many would describe Alyssa to be once a very charming and cheerful young lady. However, now with he responsibility of Her entire country on  her shoulders, she has grown a more mature and stately presence. The death of her parents have severely affected her and she is naturally weary and untrusting to those outside of her family. Alyssa is dependent on the guidance of her uncle, her father's younger brother, Ser Ivan Tyrell to assist her in her role as Lady Paramount of the Reach. She relies on him to assist her with anything that may be out of her comfort zone. Alyssa is naturally reserved but in public settings she fake the appearance of being charming and cheerfull. Often times, her poise and manner in which she carries herself, reflecting that of a strong confident young woman, even through she may be suffering inside.The losses she has suffered has not broken her though. Instead it has only strengthened her resolve, particularly in her House Words "Growing strong". She pushes herself to learn and develop but she is still very young and inexperienced when it comes to rule, still, she carries herself with the beauty and grace of her house sigil. A rose in every sense no matter the thorns that prick at her.


Prized Possessions:  

Alyssa has a very few items she considers prized possessions. Three of which were remnants of what little she could salvage the night her parents were killed and she was forced to abandon her home to ensure her safety. Among these items is a Rose Pendant necklace she had worn around her neck since she was a baby. The necklace was given to her by her father. It once belonged to her paternal grandmother and is considered a Tyrell family heirloom passed down since the time of the Andals. Alyssa has her fathers cloak, one that was thrown around her when her uncle Ivan came to sneak her out of the burning tower. She often time wears it, engulfing herself in its warm velvet folds. It makes her feel safe, as if her father is watching over her. Upon returning to Highgarden, Alyssa visited the old tower where her family once lived. As she explored she found a wooden box containing jewelry that once belonged to her late mother. The Jewels are minted in the fashion of bees, her mother's maiden sigil. She wears them every now and then as a reminder of her mothers words:

"My daughter, Like your mother, you are a Bee, Hardworking and  tenacious your pollen spreads life and your wings bring honey, but never forget your sting"


Possible IC Connection?

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Possible connections, players who have been to King's Landing previously, players who have spent time at Dragonstone, players who are from the Reach.

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