Mira "Dove"

What is known...

Character Name: Mira.


Alias: "Dove

          The Brown and Beautiful.

Age: 25.

Class: Smallfolk


 "First Lady of the Bedchamber"

  Queen's handmaiden 


Culture: Summer Islander, Lysene.

Status: Unmarried.

Children: None.

Religion: The R'hollor, Lord of Light.

Parents: Filliace and Ardeen

               (servants of House Rogare).

Siblings: NA

Likes: Stories of adventure.

Dislikes: Violence, cold, snow.

Allegiance: Yué Rogare

                    (Sworn Life Oath & pledge)


                     House Rogare

                     (by birth in servitude)


                     House Targaryen

                     (through the Queen).

Allied House Words: "Blood of the                                            Dragon".

Allied House Sigil:



Character Appearance:

Mira, commonly  referred to as "Dove" for her docile and delicate nature, is described as one 'brown and beautiful'. Mira is a round faced beauty; dark of skin and brown of hair and eyes, tell tale traits of her noble Summer Islander ancestry.

Though short in stature, Mira has a womanly frame, her form is slender and elegant with wide hips to compliment her curvaceous figure. Her sun kissed skin is of a rich, deep brown color, void of marks and blemishes. Her hair, usually worn in it's natural state thick, curly, and soft with texture akin to the finest wool. When straightened, it flows like strands of thick silk threads to fall about her shoulders. Mira has a way of turning heads, even as a handmaid. The pools of her  deep soulful brown eyes is said to draw in the most fiercest of warriors and lull them to calm. Mira styles herself in the fashion native to the peoples of the Summer Islands and Lys. Garbing herself in bright, vivid patterned fabrics of Naathi silk, that drape across her body in long elegant folds. Mira has a light purposeful walk, her small feet to patter as she approach, much like the wings of her name sake, the dove.

Character Personality: 

Mira has dual personalities, each of which she chooses to display separately and with caution depending on the company she is in. Her "Dove" like quiet and reserved nature, is one she shows around the Royals, while tending to them during their daily tasks. The other side to her is the cheerful energy she shows around friends.Mira is Known to play pranks on staff, and can sometimes be found dancing in the kitchens when no eyes are watching. Upon the move from Dragonstone to King's Landing, Mira became exceptionally curious about life in the capital as well as the people within it. Some would call her naive, but she enjoys the thrill of sneaking out herself, wandering about the city and looking for mischief. Mira is enamored by the royal family and the palaces she grew up in, though her passion is within the love stories and the gossip surrounding them. Though she is not fanatical she follows R’hllor and Lord of Light like her father Filace did. Mira keeps this fact  often keeping this fact hidden from even those she holds closest to her, especially after her travels to Westeros and seeing the wide spread faith of the Seven.

Prized Possessions: 

Mira has a few gifts she has acquired throughout her years, among her most prized possession the horse her father gave her, when she she embarked with the Princess Yué for Westeros. The stallion is a majestic black horse which she remembered her father telling her that the animal would watcher her where he could not. 

Possible IC Connection?

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If you have spent time across the Narrow Sea, especially if you have visited Lys, or the Summer Isles.

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