Adryanna Lannister

What is known...

Character Name: Adryanna Lannister.


Alias: The Gentle Lioness, Dryana.

      *A Great Beauty of Westeros*


Age: 23.

Class: Noble.


Titles:Lady Adryanna of 

           House Lannister  


Occupation: Lady of  House Lannister



Culture: Andal,



Religion: Faith of the Seven


Father: Lord Loren Lannister.

Mother: Marenna (Reyne) Lannister.

Status: Unmarried.

Children: one (Unknown)


Siblings: Bram Lannister


                Lady Celesse Lannister                          (deceased).

                Logan Lannister 


                Rickar Lannister


                Cerelle Lannister



Likes: Embroidery.

Dislikes: Memories of her past.

Allegiance: House Lannister

                    (by birth),

                    House Targaryen

                    (by Law of Conquest).

House Words: "Hear me Roar".   




Character Appearance:

Adryanna a classic beauty, tall and slender and fair in looks and skin. Like most lannisters, she is gold of hair and green of eyes. Her long flowing yellow blonde hair as a slight curl to it and her bright emerald green eyes hints of mischief, charm and seduction. Adryanna is of average height with has an elegantly slim and feminine frame. Her beauty is renowned as she is considered one of the great beauties of Westeros after she was awarded the title at the Annual Rose Ball celebration in 24AC, making her one of Westeros' most desirable women. Aa a staunch believer in the Faith of the Seven, Adryanna dresses rather modestly, preferring to wear long flowing gowns with covered arms and elegant necklines. Nonetheless, when at court and public settings she is a vision to behold, a "proud lioness" some would say while others  may whisper that she is a "show off" for her  gowns are always made of the finest textiles with intricate beadings and decorations. Her Jewels and accessories always seem to reflect the wealth and power of her noble house of Lannister. 

Character Personality:  

Overall Adryanna is a pleasant person who enjoys a quick wit and good joke. She can be laser focused on a task, and prefers to tackle things head on. She loves to gossip, but is very strategic with what information she passes as she knows this may either help or hinder her. Adryanna is vain. She  rarely drinks or eats to excess, preferring to keep her trim figure. She does not fully understand the value of money having always been exposed to large amounts of it, and the plight of the low born or "poor" does not register realistically for her. Adryanna is bright and cheerful most times, even if this is just a farce. She understand the importance of "appearances" and will play as such to win 

Prized Possessions:  

Adryanna has a small wooden box she keeps stashed away. Inside the box is what appears to be a dried up stem of a flower, however if one looks closely, they would notice it is really a dried umbilical cord, one that was cut by the masters, separating Adryanna from the child she bore years ago. It was the only thing her handmaid was able to salvage from the child she lost. Adryanna has always kept the box with her and it, along with it's content is more precious to her than any dress or jewels, though her jewels, especially those that belonged to her late mother are very near and dear to here.

Possible IC Connection?

Do you have an IC (In Character) connection with this character?

Possible connections, players who have been to King's Landing previously, players who are from the Westerlands.

Original Character

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