King's Landing 

           King's Landing, formally known as Aegon's Fort was founded by Aegon Targaryen, known by most as Aegon the Conquerer. At the Start of his conquest, Aegon had established a small wooden fort atop a hill, where his ships first landed from Dragonstone. He and his sisters, Rhaenys and Visenya, used this location as a base for their  campaign to conquer the continent.

         Having achieved his goal, Aegon enlisted the support of his fellow Valyrian allies across the narrow sea, namely the wealthy and powerful House Rogare, a Valyrian Dragon Lord family who had settled in Lys some decades before the Doom. The Rogares ruled Essos in all but name and title. They are the owners of the Rogare Bank of Essos. And the leaders of the Gold Company of Sellswords. With Rogare gold,  Aegon raised a magnificent castle on the site of his original Fort. The surrounding area was renamed as  "King's Landing" and has since become the capital of Westeros. There within the keep is the famous Iron Throne, forged from Dragon fire to sit the King of the Andals, Rhoynar and First Men.

          King's Landing is a fast booming city. It enjoys a warm climate and life there is luxurious for those that can afford it, although it is not without its slums such as Flea Bottom. 


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Anwyn Tully
Lady Anwyn of House Tully
Rickar Lannister
Mayra Greyjoy
Mira "Dove"
"The Brown and Beautiful"
The Queen's Handmaiden
Elaena Rogare
Princess Elaena Rogare
Septa Elenor,
A Devout member of the Faith of The Seven
Varius "Morghūl"
Desare, small time Courtesan of Essos
Rau "The Blacksmith"
Rau the Blacksmith
Nilan Tawney
Arika Greyjoy
Eric Karstark
Isabella Tully
Lady Isabella Tully of RiverRun
Adyranna Lannister
Alyssa Tyrell
Lady Alyssa Tyrell
Lady Paramount of the Reach & Mander and Wardeness of the South
Olyver "Oly" Tyrell
"Wryn" Velaryon
Daynyra (Celtigar) Velaryon
Lady Velaryon Of Driftmark
"Lady of the tides"
Daena Targaryen
Princess Daena Targaryen
Daemon Targaryen
Vhaegon Targaryen
Vhaegon Targaryen
King of the Seven Kingdoms
Yue Targaryen
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